Touch free takeout

What is Touch Free Take Out?

You will not be interacting or touching anyone or anything.

  • We have implemented this as of March 12,2020 and we will keep you informed of any changes.
  • Orders will be called in
  • Orders will be paid over the phone
  • You will be asked about gratuity/ tip over the phone as many people want to tip and the only way to do this over the phone to not have to sign. 
  • There is no access to the building at this time, orders will be placed outside on the table once you call upon arrival and we know you are here and ready to get it.
  • Even if you walk up to order, there is a sign instructing you to call if if you are placing an order
  • Call us from your car when you arrive to let us know you are here, we will call you when the order is ready and place it outside for you on our pick up table. 
  • We will ensure we only use clean hands when touching any and all items.
  • We will sanitize each shared item of any kind, and the pick up table between use.
  • We do not have a public restroom

This is until further updates and mandates from our county, city, and county.
Be kind – employees here will be wearing masks and we need you to when appropriate.

Thank you Tucson and Travelers